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Photos of Chantelle Butterfield  taken by Heather Fritz Photography

  • "very knowledgeable in all aspects of interior design" 

As the owner of Saskatoon Custom Blinds, I have truly enjoyed working with Chantelle on a number of projects. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of interior design and decor and is an excellent resource for providing professional and friendly guidance to all her clients. It is very refreshing to work with an individual who shares my commitment to exemplary customer service and she works closely with her clients to ensure their design decisions result in beautiful, functional and comfortable living spaces. I am very impressed with the high level of satisfaction Chantelle's clients feel regarding their experiences working with Funktional Space. With the overwhelming positive comments I have heard about Chantelle's easy-going personality and her ability to create exceptional home design and decor, she is full of great interior decorating ideas,I am always very confident to refer her to individuals looking for direction for their new home or renovation projects. She is a great interior decorator in Saskatoon~ Carol - Saskatoon Custom Blinds​ 

  • "she is simply amazing at anything at everything design and functional"

Originally, I was searching out an interior designer and found Chantelle's information online. When contacting her I was able to set up an appointment right away. She came to my home right on time and full of ideas and info for me. We were looking to do a reno, and create a master bathroom/bedroom on our top floor. It meant taking down walls and rearranging the entire floor plan. Although I am normally very creative - I could not figure out a concept on my own that was perfect enough to start the reno. Chantelle took our house plans and within a couple of days, provided me drawings of a floor plan that was absolutely perfect - and something completely unique and functional! She had many other ideas on how I could repurpose certain things that I already owned to work into the design and provided a list of referrals for companies that could assist me with other services or products that I may need throughout the process. She assisted in another project (a custom wall feature) that landed my home in a Saskatoon Home Magazine! Chantelle and I have since become good friends- she has a high regard for customer service and she is simply amazing at everything design and "functional". I have continued to work with her and refer her to anyone needing her Services. ~ Tammy

  • "Chantelle is great at understanding what a client needs"

Chantelle Butterfield is an amazing Interior Decorator. I feel extremely confident that Chantelle can walk into any room and know exactly what would need to be done to give any room a more modern touch, if that is the look that you are going for. Chantelle is great at understanding what a client needs and gives all her dedication to making the right decision(s) for her client. She understands that everyone has their own unique personality, and helps the client with choosing, but ultimately giving all the credit to her client. I have no doubt in my mind that with Chantelle Butterfield on your project you will have that peace of mind knowing that your investment will see a return 10 times over. Chantelle is the type of consultant that you can rely on, not just for the moment, but for many years to come. You'll never have a project too little or too extreme. Chantelle will make sure that your results will be what you were looking for and more. ~ Chantel D. - Granite Transformations

  • "worked with Chantelle for both a retail and a home project"

We've worked with Chantelle for both a retail and a home project and were extremely happy with the results of both. She never overwhelmed us with options or tried to get us to choose something that was out of our budget. We were given some carefully chosen options and then some suggestions on which ones might work best for the goal we had in mind. For our home we ended up with paint colors that are great and make our small townhouse feel a little bigger plus some decor options that we love. For the retail side we've had so many compliments on all of the choices that we made with Chantelle from paint to flooring to fixtures. She is always a pleasure to work with, and a plus is that she always comes to you so you don't have to worry about driving out to an office. ~ Rebecca & Kevin

  • "a great kitchen design that worked for our family"

I was very fortunate to have Chantelle design a new kitchen for our home. She listened to my wants and needs and came up with a great kitchen design that worked for our family. Chantelle made every step of our renovations fun and stress free, and thanks to her we now have the perfect kitchen. Thanks Chantelle for everything you have done for us, we can't thank you enough! ~ Dee

  • "creative, innovative and individualized to reflect each client's personal style"

Decorating is overwhelming to many - too many choices. But, with Chantelle’s guidance and positive up-beat personality, decorating is almost fun and the results are AMAZING! Chantelle is a professional and deliveries her service on a timely manor. Her work is creative, innovative and individualized to reflect each client’s personal style. She can take a dull home and transform it towards a beautiful space in little or no time. Chantelle is honest and hardworking. Once you meet her; you will fall in love with her, and her work. ~ Brandy

  • "she takes your personal style into account as well as budget issues and comfort"

I love working with Chantelle - her down-to-earth, friendly personality makes any interaction comfortable. With all the decorating choices and styles out there, having someone like Chantelle to call on for her knowledge and expertise makes the whole process so much less intimidating. She takes your personal style into account as well as budget issues and comfort - everything required to get the job done with minimal stress on your part. There doesn't appear to be any project too large or too small for her. Chantelle is happy to help in any capacity and the results are always great. You really are professional, knowledgeable and personable, it's an honour to know you! ~ Teresa

  • "one of the best décor investments we've made in our home"

I think you should just admit it when you don’t have what you need to do your own decorating! We have a comfortable character home and we’ve always felt we could create a living environment that works for us, and allows us to enjoy pieces of furniture and art that are meaningful to our family. And we have a home that works, aside from those annoyances that are part and parcel of a 1923 character home. But…what? There was also something just off, just not right in many of our living spaces. I’d met Chantelle years ago and always felt she had a great eye, a smart head and wonderful creative skills. Besides, she was always fun to work with. We weren’t in the market for big renos, but Chantelle offered a walk-through consultation in our home. She literally walked through, room by room, discussing and taking notes. A suggestion for a new colour combination here, a move of a chair or a plant on an elevated stand there, a throw or pillow for texture. For an extremely reasonable fee, Chantelle offered us a wealth of small to major recommendations and ideas. Most were easily affordable things we could do immediately. We also have a valuable list of ideas, complete with sources and contacts for future reference. Having Chantelle come to our house to share her expertise is probably one of the best décor investments we’ve ever made in our home. ~ Karin

  • "ability to work with all spectrums of design"

I have known Chantelle Butterfield, owner of Funktional Space, for just over 4 years. In working very closely with her on numerous redesign projects I have learned a lot about her, her business, her morals, and work ethics. Chantelle is first and foremost one of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure to be acquainted with. She always carries herself with a bubbly demeanour which makes her extremely easy to work alongside. Her creative talents, and ability to work with all spectrums of design, have made her an invaluable asset to my business. I refer her to all of my clients who may need a hand in colour selection or help creating a more "funktional"  or aesthetically pleasing home. I can honestly say that in the past four years, Chantelle has never let me down or disappointed. She always carries through with her word right too the letter. Thanks Chantelle for raising the bar for all who come to the industry, and for continually being the professional that I can always depend on for quality service and outstanding creativity!!

~ Leanne - The Urban Wall Interiors

  • "incorporates her clients personalities and style into her designs"

Chantelle is a true professional. It think what sets her apart as a decorator is that she really reflects and incorporates her clients personalities and style into her design. While always fresh and unique, her design is always comfortable and livable. Her clients speak of her glowingly, and often as a friend! ~ Heather - Heather Fritz Photography

  • "maximize your space to get the most function from every square foot"

I booked a consultation with Chantelle at Funktional Space when I was looking for ideas on how to renovate our kitchen, and I can't say enough about what a fabulous experience it was! From the moment she walked in the door, she was an absolute pleasure to work with. Chantelle had so many creative ideas and suggestions that I would never have thought of, and She really knows how to maximize your space to get the most function from every square foot! I would wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone looking to do a big, or small renovation! ~ Janine

  • "puts a ton of thought into their homes and designs!"

We teamed up with Funktional Space during the early spring of 2011. Chantelle and Funktional Space have added a very tasteful finish to our homes. The team is very sympathetic to the area when choosing the home exteriors, so the house blends into the neighbourhood. The interior always accents the exterior, which creates great flow through the house. Funktional Space team puts a ton of thought into their homes and designs. We are excited to work with them for years to come. ~ anonymous

  • "we highly recommend Chantelle as a resource!"

When we decided to fulfill our dream of building a custom home, the task ahead was daunting. We were so fortunate to find Chantelle and start working with her from the beginning of the project. We had an idea of what we liked, but didn't know where to start. She sat down with us to get an overall idea of our style and taste. Then she was with us to weed through the thousands of flooring, paint, lighting, plumbing, cabinetry, countertop, exterior, and finishing options out there to help us make the right selections to achieve the look we wanted. Her guidance through our kitchen planning was indispensable. The kitchen is beautiful, and functions perfectly for our family. Chantelle helped us finish the project by shopping with us for furniture and accessories to create a home that reflects who we are, and offers a warm, inviting space to welcome our guests. Chantelle was very mindful of our budget, aimed to get as much done as possible in the time we spent together, and helped us to save money in the process. We highly recommend Chantelle as a resource whether it's just to ask her a few questions to get you started, or bring her along for the whole ride! ~ Daria

  • "she has a keen eye for design and knows instantly what will work..."

We have lived in our new house for several years, but with life getting in the way have yet to put the finishing touches on it. Chantelle was able to make our house feel like a home. She has a keen eye for design and knows instantly what will work, keeping your personal style and budget in mind. She was able to do in a day what had taken us years to procrastinate about. Thanks for the push in the right direction! As well, we’re a small builder in the City of Saskatoon. We mostly focus on entry level houses but still want a well-designed and functional space for our clients. Chantelle worked with us from the blue print stage to ensure every decision injected high style in every room. She is a pleasure to work with and extremely efficient. ~ Jackie Martin - Marco Developments

  • "fun, easy going, yet professional..."

I think you're great!! I told my sister that you were fun, easy going, yet professional, made excellent suggestions that went with what I was thinking and hoping, and just a genuine nice person! You get my vote anytime!! ~ anonymous "Chantelle saved me tons of money, we were always on budget." We have lived through renovations in past and facing a complete house renovation, I needed help. My search was on to find a designer. My project goal was to move quickly, save money and not waste on anything, not even a pail of paint. I had interviewed a few designers and they recommended Chantelle Butterfield from Funktional Space. - A good choice, as I found out later. Chantelle came in, looked at the project, listened to me and then we shopped. We shopped for art, colour, flooring, draperies, furniture and accessories. She would always give me three options and leave the decision up to me. Every choice I made was with pleasure and complete confidence. I trust Chantelle's judgement and taste so completely that I had her pick up items for me. She not only purchased and delivered items to my home; she even unpacked and displayed them for me. Every time my contractor or trades had questions she understood and helped them. I can say Chantelle saved me tons of money, we were always on budget. In fact I believe we got more out of our renovation because I had enlisted the help of Funktional Space. Her team also offers picture hanging services. My project had over 30 pieces of art work that had to hang in just the right spot. They did not leave me hanging one bit. Our project moved quickly and in the end we're pleased with result. I would recommend Chantelle for all your decorating needs. With Chantelle decorating is fun.

~ Hannah Froehlich

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